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Day Trip Itinerary

We meet at 5:30 am and drive away at 6 am sharp from Denny’s at 529 Pico Avenida Pico in San Clemente. If you are leaving a car there make sure to park it on the side street as the restaurant will have it towed if left in their parking lot for the day.

We will stop at McDonalds for restroom stop on the way down but we need to have eaten breakfast before the trip to save the inevitable 45 min to an hour we lose if everyone lines up for food. If you meet us there at the Otay Mesa McDonalds at 2320 Roll Drive, San Diego and plan to drive over in one of our vans ( and have a confirmed seat with us) please have your personal car parked in the fenced in area and paid for at the gas station before 7:30 am.

The $40.00 cost for all day trips includes water, Gatorades, transportation in and out of Mexico, and tacos and guacamole at the end of the day. If you drive your own car over the border take out the cost of gas and insurance from the $40 per person in your car as we always need and encourage drivers with our increasing number of participants each month.

Once we arrive on the worksite the local women will cook a brunch for us and a hundred or so locals using good practice sanitary methods and feeding a low carb meal teaching the moms how to reduce carbs in this country where diabetes is exploding.  This meal of baked white meat chicken, scrambled eggs, watermelon and water is for us and to share with the community. We do this knowing food is a universal way for people to connect and understand our “sameness” This also allows a great opportunity for us to sit with a local kid as you can grab an extra plates for a fav new kid friend to eat with you.

We will have plenty of water and Gatorades in the white cooler in the car so please stay sure to keep hydrated as it is often windy, sunny and warm.

It’s always a good idea to bring your own water bottle with fuel of your choice as we want to reduce waste by not bringing a lot of paper cups except for use by the locals at our meal. You can refill out of the orange water bottles or grab a Gatorade from the white cooler in the front seat of the white Club Dust van.

At the end of the day with the homes completed and families moved in with our thanks and blessing we will drive to a local chicken taco stand before heading to the border.

We are a charity that builds homes for people and not one that distributes clothes shoes etc on a regular basis. If you want to bring something useful and easy to transport legally over the border consider pots, pans and household kitchen utensils and women’s feminine supplies. These are most needed for health and are a luxury no other charity thinks to provide.

If you’d like to get some idea of what’s to come please look up clubdustMexico on Instagram, Club Dust on Facebook or search for videos from past trips by searching club dust tecate or club dust Mexico on YouTube
(there are several other club dust orgs in the world including motorcycle groups and a Goth underground nightclub in Sweden somewhere but you’ll know when you have found the real thing!)

After the trip we’d love to see your pics, videos and thoughts in writing on our sites or by emailing to us so we can share with people interested in experiencing what you will on this upcoming Adventure in Giving.

We look forward to a good day together, helping our nearby neighbors and feeling refreshed In the process! If you have any questions feel free to call Ray at 408-205-3045 or email at

And lastly we encourage you to consider your own journey in life, and how serving the needs of others around us everyday is an important decision, made each day as we climb out of bed, to engage and help those in needs or step back in fear and judgement and separation.

There are so many great organizations and churches or worship centers to be part of or start your own with a group of friends and family. Share with us how that goes and we’ll add it to the list of others who have been refreshed, inspired and empowered to seek a deeper level of living by making service and a curiosity of our Creator a regular part of their lives.

We want to encourage you to consider and try all new ways to love and connect with our brothers and sisters on this wild and wonderful and yes sometimes sad and crazy world that we live in!

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